Brand Development

The branding of your business is an essential and often underestimated tool. You know yourself that if a shop doesn’t look good from the street, you’re not heading inside…

We can help you find out exactly how you want to be perceived and who by – then we move on to what this looks like in the form of a logo and other  brand collateral options. These are the basis for any website or graphic design marketing and they need to be right for you to succeed.

Our Approach

Meet + Brainstorm

We ask you a lot of questions about your company – logos and colours you love and hate, what feeling you wish to convey, what shape logo will work for your requirements, what sets you apart from your competitors, what keywords describe your business…. plus plenty more.


We take a look at your competitors and see what we can do to set you apart plus take a look at some logo books (occasionally) to get the creative juices flowing!


All logos start with pencil and paper and lots of scribbling and throwing paper in the bin!


Once we’re happy with a couple of the design ideas, it’s time to put it in to digital format. This is often where an idea that looked great on paper, falls away and another idea shines.


It’s your turn now to take a look and decide what is and isn’t working for you. At this time you’ll only be looking at black and white versions as an incorrect colour at this time can often turn you off a perfectly great logo.

Fonts + Colour

Now that we’ve narrowed it down, we’ll develop one or two of the previous ideas with a variety of colours and fonts. Feedback – Your turn again, more logos and more decisions to be made.

Final changes

We’ll have your final choice by now and just need a few tweaks to make it perfect.


That TA DA moment…. your perfect logo, delivered to you in a number of formats at a variety of sizes to use as required!