Jon Louth

Creative Director (your principal contact)

Jon’s background in working for small and medium-sized design studios and advertising agencies in Sydney dates back over the past 17 years in the areas of graphic design and website development. Ten years ago he moved out of the big smoke to the beautiful NSW South Coast and this is where Flipside Creative is now based.

Although there are a few more designers and staff working for the studio these days, Jon is still your main contact to ensure we maintain the personal connection from original meeting all the way through to the end product.

Lindsay Todd

Website Programmer

Lindsay has been working with Flipside Creative for five years. She brings a wealth of programming experience to the team and each website Flipside Creative develops has usually been carefully built by Lindsay herself.

As well as being a wonderful programmer/ developer she’s also a lovely down to earth and fun team member and always approachable when asking the technical questions!

Mel Louth

Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation Developer

Mel has worked for Flipside Creative for 10 years and has been working on the social media side and search engine optimisation (SEO) of the business since it was developed. She knows a thing or two about Facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin and pinterest and can help you navigate this new frontier and develop strategies to make it all a little easier!

Another happy personality to have in the office, she is often involved in client meetings with Jon as social media and SEO go hand in hand with website design and development these days.