Email Marketing is an incredibly versatile marketing medium. Permission-based e-marketing (ie. not spam) is one of the fastest growing areas of marketing for small and large businesses. We can assist you no matter your level of technical ability or marketing prowess to deliver e-marketing to your clients and help your business grow.

Social Media is the new frontier for marketing. We can assist you in navigating your way through this new media area.
Social Media Channels: There are many different social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest plus a lot more). You don’t have to be on them all—just the ones that matter to you and your audience.
Example: Facebook- Many of your clients may ‘hang-out’ at Facebook. We can assist you by creating a Facebook page, profile and cover photos plus a social media schedule (which posts are live when) as well as creation of the individual Facebook posts. Creation and management Facebook Adverts campaign (the adverts you see whilst in Facebook) is also a service we provide.